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Clapham Carpet Cleaners with Years of Experience

  • Clapham Carpet Cleaners

    Clapham Carpet Cleaners

    For the most part, carpets may appear clean on the outside but the truth is that deep within the fibres, they tend to accumulate dust and dirt, which can be hard to remove but not for Clapham carpet cleaners. To help you deal with this, we have developed an effective dry carpet cleaning service in Clapham. The way we do our work is by using modern and efficient gear plus proven solutions that get the job done fast. Our rug cleaning service in SW4 can truly make a difference to your home. When we are done, the interior of your rooms will feel refreshed and restored. Soon enough you will want to hire our carpet cleaners SW4 again.
  • Upholstery Cleaning Clapham SW4

    Upholstery Cleaning Clapham SW4

    Beautiful upholstery is what can make or break the room interior. Hire our sofa cleaning service and you will see just how good we are at transforming shabby and pale upholsteries into beautiful and worthy of admiration pieces of home decor. Using a secret technique, we can truly bring back the great looks of any type of upholstery you have in your home in SW11. You may think that such expertise comes at a high price, but the truth is our rates for upholstery cleaning in Clapham, SW4 are very competitive. Just call us and book our service whenever it is convenient for you.
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning Clapham SW4

    End of Tenancy Cleaning Clapham SW4

    Getting your deposit back in full can be challenging, especially when your landlord pays great attention to small details. Hiring our end of tenancy cleaning service in Clapham, SW11 can greatly improve your chances. We cover a variety of services, all of which are designed to provide perfect cleaning results. You will be impressed with the skill of our Clapham end of tenancy cleaners and so will be your landlord. Many people have hired us for this reason and every single time we have surpassed their expectations. Don’t hesitate which company to hire in SW4 as we are the best choice you can make.
  • Domestic Cleaning Clapham SW4

    Domestic Cleaning Clapham SW4

    Maintaining your home clean and sanitised can be tough job, especially when you find it hard to invest the time and effort required to perform the task. By hiring our domestic cleaners, you can ensure that the tasks are taken care of in a professional and quick manner. We have well-trained home cleaners in Clapham, SW4, who can come to your home and do a marvellous job whenever you want them to. It doesn’t matter what cleaning tasks you have for them, one thing is for certain – they will amaze you with their work. Our carpet cleaners Clapham are the one to hire for perfect results.
  • House Cleaning Clapham SW4

    House Cleaning Clapham SW4

    It is not always easy to find the time for home cleaning in Clapham, especially when your schedule is full of other tasks you have to take care of. For this reason, you should hire our house cleaning service in SW4. We are among the most well known companies to hire for this job in SW11 due to the many years of experience we have acquired. We have mastered effective methods of sanitation and cleaning that leave no room for improvisation. With us, you get perfect results every single time. You can always count on us to provide the lowest price for such service.
  • Office Cleaning Clapham SW4

    Office Cleaning Clapham SW4

    Maintaining your office clean and tidy is oftentimes a question of hiring the right commercial cleaning service. We are the definite leaders when it comes to such services in Clapham. The expertise of our company is widely known, as we have performed efficient office cleaning numerous times. We win our clients in SW4 with low prices and guaranteed perfect results. The way we work leaves no question to the quality of our work – it is always top notch and worthy of admiration. You can now take advantage of our special offers in SW11 so hurry up and contact our Clapham carpet cleaners.

Exclusive Prices on Clapham Carpet Cleaners Services

If you're looking for reliable carpet cleaners in Clapham SW4  we can help, just call us on 020 3744 9496 and we will  send our professional team.

Price List

Carpet Cleaning £ 7
Upholstery Cleaning £ 13
End of Tenancy Cleaning £ 95
Domestic Cleaning £ 11
Regular Cleaning £ 10
Office Cleaning £ 11

  • Carpet cleaning

    Clapham Carpet Cleaners Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning

    Clapham Carpet Cleaners Upholstery cleaning
  • End of tenancy cleaning

    Clapham Carpet Cleaners End of tenancy cleaning
  • Domestic cleaning

    Clapham Carpet Cleaners Domestic cleaning
  • Regular cleaning

    Clapham Carpet Cleaners Regular cleaning
  • Office cleaning

    Clapham Carpet Cleaners Office cleaning

What they say about us


The cleaning crew that worked on my job the other day were just terrific. Everything about them screamed professionalism, and they were cheap to hire and cleaned to a high standard too. It's not the first time I've received such amazing service from Clapham Carpet Cleaning Company. I got them in to deep clean my kitchen a few weeks ago, and the team that showed up impressed me too. I'm most definitely going to continue using them in the future.

Bob G


They have excellent service. Super quick and friendly. They were highly competent. I would certainly use them.



Was building an extension and it was really messy. ClaphamCarpetCleaners came to my home to clean the mess for me. Excellent help, polite cleaners, cheap prices!

Neal Tremaine


Being a fan of completing DIY tasks in my property, I have never considered hiring a professional cleaning company. However, my friend recommended that I book with Clapham Carpet Cleaning Company and they delivered fantastic results at low cost. Great job!

R. Ferry


If you're after someone to help with any carpet cleaning, then I'd be happy to pass on my recommendation for Clapham Carpet Cleaning Company. I've got quite a few allergies, so it's always important to me to find a company who can pay particular attention to the tiny bits and pieces that can cause such a big problem. They do a great job with my carpets though, makes my life a lot better. Thankfully, they're always ready to help me.

Willie Thomas